About Bear Zen

Learn more about Bear Zen and why you should shop with us. We explain our goal and the benefits of using our products.

We are here to bring relaxation and comfort into your home.

Our products are designed to calm your nerves with the relaxing smells, to the soothing colors, and comforting sounds.

Whether you are looking for something to manage pain, lessen stress or anxiety, calm your nerves, help you sleep better, or to bring fun and unique decorations into your house, we make sure to have the perfect fit for everyone.

With our Oil Diffusers, Essential Oils, and Candles, that are 100% natural and cruelty free, we offer the most trustworthy and beneficial products for our customers. 

We Care

Here at Bear Zen, our main priority is our customers and bringing them the benefits they need in life. We know that life comes with many different stresses and pains. We strive to bring our customers the benefits they need and deserve.

Are products are designed to benefit you and bring you beautiful, fun, and unique decor into your home.

Our Goal

We are a wife and husband who has seen many different types of stresses in life and come to realize how many of us struggle from things that can be helped. From stresses to life, to ranges of health problems, not being able to sleep, and more we decided we want to try and make a change in areas that we can.

That is why we made it our goal to bring our customers products that can offer peace, relaxation, and some health issues. Our products are made with the intent to be beneficial to many issues. Whether you struggle sleeping, have migraines, anxiety, stress, pain, or any other reason, we want to help you and hope to bring you something you deserve.

Even if you aren't looking to use our products to help a certain reason, we hope our products bring happiness to our customers. With some quite exiting products and fun decor, we hope to put a smile on each persons face.

Why do we say 'Home of Relaxation'?

Our goal and priority is our customers. We want to help our customers enjoy life and enjoy the benefits they deserve to thrive.

With life, comes many different pains and stresses. Our goal is to bring relaxation and to calm the nerves of as many people as we can. 

We find the most relaxing and beneficial products for our customers. With many different uses and many different benefits to find, we offer many options so that each person can find the perfect product designed for their own personal needs.

We do this because we care. We understand. And we want to make a difference.

  • Essential Oils

    Our Essential Oils only come in the highest quality to ensure the benefits we receive are pure and healthy. We offer Therapeutic Grade, 100% Pure, All Natural, Aromatherapy oils, and nothing else ensuring the best quality of oils. We offer sets and specific blends to make sure everyone can find just what they need. All Essential Oils are designed with specific health and mental benefits and can be a great way to relax, manage pain, sleep better, boost energy and immunity, and more.

  • Candles

    Our Candles are made with 100% Natural Soy wax which is safer and healthier to burn. Plus Natural Soy burns cleaner with less soot and they burn anywhere from 35% to 50% longer than regular candles! Candles also are a great way to create a cozy, relaxing, and welcoming home. They are a great way to help you relax and create a more positive mindset. Candles also make for a great gift to give for any occasion.

  • Oil Diffusers

    We make sure our Oil Diffusers are high quality and come with multi-functions so that you can enjoy all the needed uses in one. With Humidifiers, Night Lights, Alarm Clocks, and White Noise Machines, you can find the perfect home and room decor bringing you many great uses. They pair incredibly with Essential Oils to create a relaxing and amazing smelling home. They also offer many benefits and can be great to calm nerves, help sleep insomnia, help a cough, sinus congestion, and more.

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Benefits of Using our Products

Our products can benefit you in may different way. Here we describe ways they can benefit you.

Benefits of our Essential Oils

Our Essential Oils are handpicked to bring you high quality and high beneficial oils. With incredible options we offer Therapeutic Grade, 100% Pure, Natural, and Aromatherapy Essential Oils.

They are our most popular products to offer the most benefits. Essential Oils are great for relaxation, anxiety, depression, stress, pain management, headaches/migraines, respiratory/sinus relief, reducing inflammation, and much more.

With many different ways to use Essential Oils for the best benefit to you, you can: use in an oil diffuser, apply on your skin, apply in a bath, use as massage oil, and more.

Essential Oils

Benefits of our Candles

Our Candles were designed with the intent of relaxation for our customers, and that's why their main benefit is relaxation.

Candles are proven to open your mind and improve your wellbeing. They are a great way to bring a sense of calm into your home. Candles can also reduce stress, improve sleep, and create a cozy atmosphere.

With our unique scents, they each offer the most calming effects. With our 100% Natural Soy Blend Candles, and smell being a great way to relax you, our candles are a perfect, natural way to bring you incredible benefits.


Benefits of our Oil Diffusers

Our Oil Diffusers are great to use and most beneficial for relaxing, calming nerves, falling asleep faster, better, and longer.

With white noise machines giving you a gentle sound of rain, a night light giving you the most calming colors, using it as an oil diffuser with our essential oils to include more benefits, or using it as an humidifier, our Oil Diffusers come with many different uses to fit each person and their individual needs.