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Fire Clock Humidifier

Fire Clock Humidifier

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Product Details

-1 Flame Clock Humidifier (white), 1 USB charging cord

-Functions as: flame lamp, humidifier, oil diffuser, night light, and alarm clock

-Two separate options for mist and night light

-Timing Function: 2-8 hours

-Tank capacity: 180mL

-Power Supply: USB

-Product Size: 192(L) x 89(W) x 112(H) mm

How to Use:

-Add water to water tank, add a few drops of essential oils (if desired), plug into a power source, and turn on.

Shipping Times

-You should receive your product within 9-20 days.

Return Policy

-If you are unsatisfied or have any issues with your product, you can contact us WITHIN 30 DAYS OF RECEIVING YOUR ORDER, and we will inform you of the return process.

  • Oil Diffuser
  • Alarm Clock
  • Night Light
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Why to Love

93% of Customers' Favorite Decoration

Not only have our customers raved about the benefits from using our Fire Clock Humidifier, they also have been obsessed with the way it has decorated a room to make it feel so alive and exciting. It brings a sense of comfort, coziness, and warmth into any room.

92% of Customers Experienced Less Stress

With the mix of essential oils, our customers have said this to be the best combo to help lessen their stress.

89% of Customers' Pets Benefitted

Not only do our products benefit us, they also can be great for our beloved pets! The added moisture in humidifiers help ease pet allergies, make breathing easier, and possibly even help snoring.

81% of Customers Sleep Better

Our customers have been able to fall asleep faster, sleep better, and sleep longer because of the relaxation this gives and the mix of calming essential oils.

Safety & Pet Safety


Do not add too much moisture to a room. Keep Humidifiers and Oil Diffusers out of reach from children, as it may be warm to the touch. 

Pet Safety:

Humidifiers and Oil Diffusers are safe for pets. Although, keep out of reach as it may be warm to the touch. Do not add too much moisture to a room.

Benefits of Using Oil Diffusers


•Helps you fall asleep faster, better, and longer/sleep insomnia 

•Helps relieve anxiety, depression, and stress

•Helps dry skin

•Relieve sinus congestion 

•Relieve headache/migraines

•Helps bloody noses

•Helps irritated vocal cords 

•Helps a dry cough

•Helps cracked lips 

•Helps control snoring 

Why Use our Fire Clock Humidifier

Designed to Help you Sleep Better

Our Humidifier/Oil Diffuser is built to give you relaxing sounds and smells while sleeping to help you fall asleep faster, and have a better night's sleep.

Designed to Help Relieve Anxiety, Depression, and Stress:

Our Fire Clock Humidifier is designed to be calming and relaxing. With Essential Oils added, it offers the ultimate relief of stress to help relieve anxiety and depression. 

Great to Use While Sick:

Humidifiers are great to use while sick, especially when you have a cold. They can help relieve sinus congestion to help you breathe better, help relieve a headache, and help relieve a cough.

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